Here is a sequential illustrated image of one of my favourite poems; Dust of Snow by Robert Frost. Feeling especially relevant with the gradual change of the seasons.

Through cropping the image I created a short narrative/sequence, guiding the reader through the poem. The first image is fully zoomed out…

While volunteering at the Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve this summer, I was inspired to create a series of wood-burned insect portraits. I wanted my pieces to consider the hidden world of insects so I have explored a unique aspect of portraiture to offer a fresh perspective on how we perceive…

Here is a self-portrait portraying myself as a robot.

I burned my design with my pyrography pen onto a scrap piece of wood. Then, I added the colour by mixing watercolour paint and white spirit. My robot doesn’t have legs as I wouldn’t want to trample any plants or insects.

Do not go gentle into that good night is a poem written by Dylan Thomas. I created two pieces of abstract artworks that to me represent the consensus of the poem. For me, it is about how we should cherish life as we live it and appreciate everything that we…

I was terrified of spiders until I started volunteering on a nature reserve. There, I was surrounded by insects all the time. They were just part of the environment — they were no longer creepy crawlies that must be avoided, but something of beauty. I became fascinated with them but…

Before university officially started there were a few weeks where I pretty much had nothing to do. Freshers wasn’t really happening due to covid, and I didn’t want to socialise too much as I do not want to further spread the virus, plus I really want to go home for Halloween! So, to keep me occupied during those few weeks I decided to finish as many of the unfinished pieces of art that I had (there was a lot). Here are some of the finished pieces, hope you enjoy!

Hi there! My name is Tara Hughes. I am currently studying illustration — I aspire to become a wildlife illustrator. Much of my independent work is focused on the wildlife that I have either seen or photographed around me. I particularly enjoy drawing various species of insects as entomology is a personal passion of mine.

Horse Fly — Black and White Ink

In my spare time I enjoy reading books, watching horror movies, being outside and experimenting with arts and crafts such as basket weaving! I am incredibly passionate about animal rights and wildlife protection. I like to use my artistic abilities to demonstrate the injustices that humans have committed as I feel it has a more central and emotional effect.

Tara Louise Hughes

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